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Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator for Boilers: Financial analysis for a 2Tons capacity Steam Boiler

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Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator Products Details

KingKar provides green energy solutions for all kinds of industries burning fossil fuel, coal, natural gas etc. Our Oxy-hydrogen generators only consumes soft water and electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas to replace traditional fuels which is fed into to the combustion chamber for complete burning. It increases the combustion efficiency of the existing fuel and also works as added fuel, reducing fuel consumption. There is no pollution, no harmful gases or other chemical additives.  

We produce Oxy-hydrogen generators for boilers, industrial furnaces, IC engines, industrial and household wastes incinerator, clean coal combustion technology, pharmaceutical industry etc. One optimum size HO generator may serve multiple equipment, like in marine and auto industries. These same HO generators can also be used for cutting and welding.

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Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator usage in ampule sealing

Hydrogen-Oxygen Generator for Diesel Engines: Financial analysis for a 500kw Diesel Engine

Hydrogen-Oxygen Generating Equipment Data

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