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Kingkar Products Features & Technology

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KingKar provides green energy solutions. We are specialized in Oxy-Hydrogen Generator, which changes soft water into a clean burning fuel that can be used to replace traditional gases & fuels and used to clean carbon deposits on IC engines with purposely build equipment. Various Kingkar equipment are: Oxy-Hydrogen Cutting & Welding Equipment, Oxy-hydrogen generator for boiler, Oxy-hydrogen used in industrial furnace, Oxy-hydrogen used in medical care, industrial  and household wastes incinerator, Oxy-hydrogen used in generator, Oxy-hydrogen used in clean coal combustion technology, Oxy-hydrogen used in pharmaceutical industry and etc.This concept is based on creating a cleaner living environment around the world and promoting the use of sustainable energy sources.
Kingkar products utilizes the following technologies:

1.Power: Imported IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) power transistor inverter DC resonant power supply, high electrolytic efficiency; continuous twenty-four hours long and uninterrupted work.
2.Electrolytic cell: integrated molding with a large mold, antiknock, and leak-proof performance is very high, long service lifespan, suitable for all kinds of complicated conditions
3.Cooling system: reasonable three-dimensional structure and ventilation design to ensure the cooling effect, no need of water circulating cooling.
4.Security system: uses the seal anti backwater design and dry backfire preventing double protection to ensure the function of anti-backfire is 100% reliable
5.Control system: automatic pressure controlling and abnormal capture setting
6.Water vapor separation system: gravity cyclotron water and gas separation devices, ensuring clean water vapor separation
7.Other: research and development team led by professional doctors majoring in energy; ISO9000 quality management system

Changsha Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech subsidiary of the Institute, which is one of the earliest companies in China engaged in the research, development and production of oxy-hydrogen generators. It now has a production site covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters and necessary production equipment, production lines, testing equipment, and component aging screening equipment, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 sets.

Right now our oxy-hydrogen generator series includes the small model: kingkar60, kingkar100, kingkar200, kingkar300, kingkar400, kingkar500, kingkar600; and the big model: kingkar1000, kingkar2000, kingkar3000, kingkar5000, kingkar6000, kingkar7000, kingkar10000.

Why Kingkar?

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