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Mizan Majumder M.A.Sc. PEng of EnviroTech Products Development & Marketing, authorized agent for Canada for Kingkar Technologies Inc. has handed over a free welding/brazing equipment to the School of Construction and the Environment of British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). James Cai MBA, PEng, Associate Dean of the school and David Helman, Welding Instructor received the equipment at the school on Thursday November 5th 2015. This equipment runs on Oxy-Hydrogen gas produced by electrolysis of water and can be used for both welding/brazing and cutting. BCIT showed keen interest into this 100% environmental friendly equipment and requested us to try our larger Oxy-Hydrogen generator for their welding and cutting shop for training the students.

On request from BCIT, EnviroTech Products Development & Marketing has demonstrated one of their 2000 liter per hour capacity Oxy-Hydrogen (Brown) Gas Generators to supply Brown gas for their cutting and brazing equipment used for training in their school. When this equipment is used no fuel (Acetylene, Propane etc.) gas will be needed. Oxygen will only be needed for cutting thick materials.