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EnvirotecTech Products Development & Marketing has recently got exclusive marketing right from Kingkar Technologies and now looking for marketing agents in all over Canada for marketing products like welding, cutting, carbon cleaning and Hydrogen-Oxygen generation equipment. We will also act as their local after-sales service agent. These equipment run on electrolysis of water (only consumable other than electricity) by highly efficient IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technologies which breaks water into its basic components of Hydrogen and Oxygen gases and uses the mixture as fuel for cutting, welding, carbon cleaning and as fuel in any equipment like IC engines, boilers, incinerators etc. that run on fossil fuel like natural gas, propane, coal, petroleum etc. These equipment are manufactured in different sizes and capacities to cater from hobby use to home-based business, and from road-side workshops to large industries. For product details please visit our website at

Marketing agents will help in introducing these equipment to their respective market zone and contacts and closing a deal by our help and support and we will share our margin on agreed terms and conditions. We will support you with all kinds of technical and commercial documents and flyers to help you in closing a deal. Once you have introduced a prospective customer it will be your account even if the customer wants to deal directly with us at any stage. We promise to build our relations based on mutual trust.

For further discussion on this opportunity please contact Mizan Majumder @ 1-888-690-5558 from 8am to 6pm PST or send an  email to

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 Marketing Agents Wanted